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Kayak and Water Sport Rentals in Idaho Falls

What is a kayak, exactly?

A kayak is a long, narrow boat made for a small number of people. You can sit comfortably in a kayak, with your legs out in front of you, and pull yourself through the water with a double-bladed paddle. Adrenaline Outdoors offers single seat kayaks and also doubles so you can take to the lake with a child or friend.

Is kayaking difficult?

No! Unless you’re going for Olympic glory, or a multi-day trek, it’s quick to get going in a kayak with no previous experience. Kayaking is an easy and fun way to travel on the water and beginners are welcome!

Why choose Adrenaline Outdoors?

The clue’s in the name. At Adrenaline Outdoors we want your heart to beat faster as you take on new challenges and adventures. Renting a kayak from us can create unforgettable memories, as well as giving you a bit of exercise. Idaho has some great rivers and lakes to explore so get in touch with us and get out there.

How do I rent a kayak in Idaho Falls?

With Adrenaline Outdoors you can rent a kayak at an affordable hourly rate. Check with us for current availability and let the fun begin! You can also get in touch through our contact page if you have any questions.

Anything else I need to know?

 Kayaks, paddle and life jackets are included in the rental. Kayaking is suitable for all ages, however, young children must be accompanied by an adult in a double kayak. Other than that, don’t forget to enjoy yourself!
Full terms and conditions are available when you select a kayak for rental.

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