About Adrenaline Outdoors

Get out there!

At Adrenaline Outdoors we want you to experience the best the great outdoors can offer - and we have some really cool toys to help you. To get that adrenaline pumping or just to see things in a new way, we offer the most fun packages near you in Idaho Falls:

Our team wants you to make the most of your time - our kit comes with a variety of rental options, whether you want to pick it up from us and hit the trails straight away or you need it delivered, we’ve got you covered. Additional safety equipment such as life jackets and helmets come as standard but there is an option to add extras such as trailers to your order.

Our Mission

We know that not everyone is an extreme sport daredevil, that’s not what Adrenaline Outdoors is all about. We want you to ditch the everyday and take on a new challenge, build lasting memories with family and friends, experience the outdoors like never before and yes, if you must, get your thrill on.

We love the dirt, trails and waves and want to pass our passion on to our customers, so for your next day out, make it awesome with a rental from Adrenaline Outdoors.

Why Choose Us

We offer great gear at a great price. When you choose a UTV, kayak or snowmobile rental from Adrenaline Outdoors, you know you’re in safe hands. As well as coming with all necessary safety gear, you can tailor the length of your rental to suit you.

Here are a few ideas to get your adrenaline flowing:

Conveniently located in Idaho Falls, ID, Adrenaline Outdoors is within easy reach of national parks and forests to take your off-road expedition to the next level. You can also rent watersport equipment to take advantage of our very own Snake River. However you want to experience the great outdoors, do it with Adrenaline. Get in touch if you have any questions. We can’t wait to help you start your next adventure.

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